Feeding Tikkun Olam

Tikkun Olam literally translates to "World Repair." The phrase has come to represent an ethic of service. Starting today we are launching a new initiative to support efforts to organize and grow.

We can learn more, but we know what we see. We can do more and we’re starting with this.

Grand Bakery’s Feeding Tikkun Olam initiative will sponsor events intent on repairing the world. You organize the people, we’ll provide the bagels and coffee.

To request event sponsorship simply email challah@grandbakeryoakland.com including:

1. Your personal mission or the mission of your organization
2. The purpose of your event
3. The date, time and number of people who will attend your event.
We will prioritize events that:
1. Intend to contribute to the eradication of endemic racism
2. Are led by and/or aim to empower systematically disenfranchised people through programs or legislation
3. Create opportunities for artistic expression designed to help individuals cope, process and share their own lived experience with others

Everybody must grow. Please, be kind.